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The HMH Into Reading Research Evidence Base paper establishes the evidence base for the program’s instructional approach and its alignment to the Science of Reading research. Into Reading reflects the most conclusive reading and writing research and evidence-based effective classroom practices. Authored by leaders in the field, Into Reading is built upon the Science of Reading, a foundation of research proven to be effective in raising student achievement.

The Into Reading Research Evidence Base paper begins with a discussion of the Science of Reading and the essential elements of literacy establishing the incredible importance of high-quality literacy instruction and materials. The paper provides an overview of the established Science of Reading and Writing research and describes how Into Reading aligns with the research on phonemic and phonological awareness, phonics and word analysis, fluency, language comprehension, background knowledge, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and writing. In addition, the paper describes the research on Into Reading ’s instructional strategies, including how the program supports a structured literacy approach, differentiated instruction, effective classroom learning environments, and assessment of and for learning. The paper concludes with an overview of the research on connected and personalized professional learning and coaching to strengthen teaching and learning, as well as how HMH Professional Services can support teachers’ professional learning and implementation of Into Reading.

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