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Grading Policy

Our school has adopted a uniform grading policy which conforms with the grading policy established by the District 20 Community Education Council. Student assignments, homework, participation, and attendance are all factors' teachers consider in assigning grades. Numeric grades are assigned and averaged. For students in Kindergarten and /Grade 1, these averages then become the basis of the performance level grades – the levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 that appear on report cards. Numeric averages are only reported on report cards for grades 2 – 5.

The grades that will be assigned based on averages are as follows:

Level 4 Above grade level 92 and above

Level 3 On grade level 80 – 91

Level 2 Approaching grade level 65-79

Level 1 Below grade level Below 65

District-wide Grading Category Weights

• Classroom Exams/Quizzes: 45%

• Class Assignments: 25%

• Class Projects: 25%

• Homework: 5%


Homework is one factor that impacts report card grades. The following are the responsibilities of the teacher regarding homework:

  • To provide purposeful homework.

  • To include clear directions and instruction.

  • To implement a system for routinely checking homework.

  • To communicate to the student and family what is expected for completing homework successfully.

  • To communicate with families when students are not consistently completing assignments.

The following are the responsibilities of the student regarding homework:

  • To understand all homework assignments by listening to directions, asking questions when something is unclear and reading directions.

  • To gather all materials necessary to complete assignments before leaving the classroom at the end of the day.

  • To complete all assignments to the best of his/her ability.

  • To return materials and assignments on time.

  • To make up for any missed homework that the teacher requires.

  • The following are the responsibilities of the family regarding homework:

  • To provide a routine and environment that is conducive to doing homework (a quiet and consistent place and time and all necessary materials).

  • To offer assistance but not to do the actual homework.

  • To notify the teacher if the homework presents a problem.

  • To read all school notices and to respond in a timely manner.

  • To empty the backpack regularly.

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