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The Zones Of Regulation
P.S. 264's Social Emotional Learning ("SEL") School Wide Curriculum

The Zones of Regulation (Zones for short) lessons and activities are designed to help students gain self-regulation skills. Self-regulation (or self-control/management) is defined as the best state of alertness of both body and emotions for a specific situation. The Zones lessons, emotional “check-in’s”, and activities are geared towards helping students recognize when they are in different Zones as well as increase their use of emotional vocabulary, perspective taking, appropriate behavioral reactions, insight into events that trigger behaviors, and how to use calming or problem-solving strategies.  

Zones of Regulations poster described below

Zones Language

  • There are 4 Zones. Each Zone signals different feelings and different emotional needs.

  • Green Zone: This is the desired zone to be in. If a student is not in the green zone, what can be done so they can return to this zone? The Green Zone: happy, calm, content, focused, ready to learn, and in control of self.

  • Blue Zone: This zone represents feelings related to: feeling sick, sad, tired, bored, or moving slowly.

  • Yellow Zone: This zone represents feelings of frustration, worry, silly/wiggly, excited, and loss of some self-control.

  • Red Zone: This is the least desired zone and adult assistance is often needed. This zone represents feelings of anger, meanness, acting aggressively, disgust, and loss of control.



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