Frozen Kids

01_Let The Sun Shine On



Please fill out the costume size form. This is the link to the costume form:



ALL DESIGN STUDENTS (These students finish at 4 PM)


Cast: ALL CAST (These students finish at 5 PM)


Tech: Brianna, Lila, Isaiah and Jayden (These students finish at 5 PM)



Cast: Olaf, Summer Chorus, Hidden Folk, Pabbie, Bulda, Kristoff, Sven, Anna


Tech: Kaitlyn, Isaiah and Amaia



Cast: Olaf, Summer Chorus, Hidden Folk, Pabbie, Bulda, Kristoff, Sven, Anna, Townspeople, Hans, Weselton, Storytellers


Tech: Kaitlyn, Brianna, Lila, Isaiah and Adham


Please reach out to our staff with any questions at

Hi Families,


Frozen is an incredibly stylized show that has been an exciting and expensive challenge to design costumes for. Our design requires that you supply the following items for your child. If your child’s character is not listed, that is on purpose and the entire costume is supplied. Otherwise, please get these pieces in ASAP (by March 17 at the latest). We kindly ask that you reach out to us sooner rather than later with any costuming struggles you may have. This is NOT a show where costumes can wait until the last minute. If you can bring them in earlier than March 17th, that is greatly appreciated. If your child is more than one character, they need to bring in items for both characters. 


Here is a link for A-line skirts and silver leggings. You can purchase them anywhere, but here are some suggestions if you need them. 


ALL ACTORS NEED TO WEAR BLACK/BROWN BOOTS OR FLATS. Also, logos/patterns/designs should not be visible on any shirts, skirts, leggings or pants. 


Lastly, if you are able to donate $5 towards costumes, that would be greatly appreciated and helpful.


Thank you,


PS 264 Drama Department Staff


Young Anna

White Undershirt and White Leggings

Middle Anna

White Undershirt and White Leggings


White Undershirt and White Leggings

Young Elsa

White Undershirt

Middle Elsa

White Undershirt and White Leggings

02_Let The Sun Shine On

03_Elsa And Anna

04_A Little Bit of You

05_The Hidden Folk

06_Magic Removal

08_Do You Want To Build

A Snowman.mp3

09_Coronation Day

10_For The First Time In Forever

11_Coronation Ball 

12_Love Is An Open Door

13_Elsa Flees

14_Let it Go

07_Transition to Snowman

15_Let it Go (Playoff)

16_You're Hired

17_In Summer

18_In Summer (Playoff)

19_Elsa's Ice Palace

20_Elsa Panics

21_Transition to Hidden Folk

22_Fixer Upper

23_An Act of True Love

24_Anna and Olaf

25_Whiteout Underscore



28_Exit Music