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Water scarcity currently affects about one-fifth of the world's population, and the number of people facing water shortages is growing. Despite the major problem that water scarcity presents, many students lack knowledge of water distribution, the natural factors that determine water availability, and how people impact water supplies. In the role of water resource engineers, students investigate what makes East Ferris, a city on one side of the fictional Ferris Island, prone to water shortages while a city on the other side is not. 

Chapter 1: Why is East Ferris running out of water while West Ferris is not? 

Chapter 2: Why does more rain form over West Ferris than East Ferris? 

Chapter 3: Why is more water vapor getting cold over West Ferris than East Ferris? 

Chapter 4: Why is there more water vapor high up over West Ferris than East Ferris?