Welcome to 2nd Grade Music Class!

               November is Native American Heritage Month!

Please take some time to listen to some of these modern Native American songs and stories sung, played, and narrated by the lovely Sue Straw (for the full album, search Native American Songs & Stories for Children by Sue Straw on www.amazon.com):




















Cultivate a listening tradition with your child and tune in to WQXR, the tri-state area's classical station, via radio (105.9 FM), the free app, or online here

Please also tune in to WBGO, the tri-state area's outstanding jazz station, via radio (88.3 FM), the app, or online here!

07 - The First Flute.mp3
18 - Sing A Song Of Peace.mp3
05 - The Little Frog.mp3
14 - Help One Another.mp3
20 - We Are All Connected.mp3
17 - The Story Of Colors.mp3
03 - Coyote And The Moon.mp3
10 - A Kind Heart Is Beautiful.mp3

Check out our Native American tree of knowledge in the school lobby! After engaging in student-led centers that helped expand our knowledge of Native American life long ago, students chose one new and interesting fact that they learned and wrote them on leaves to adorn our arbutus tree. The arbutus tree symbolizes knowledge in Native American culture. All this new knowledge will help us appreciate and understand Native American musical practices better.